Liberty Institute’s Center for the Study of Bioethics & Law is dedicated to offering advanced resources to the intellectually demanding who seek deeper insight about the relationship of law to the great bioethical issues of the past and present as well as those emerging as a result of the biotechnology revolution. 

The first course offering, Bioethics & Law 101, is the starting point for the Center. Subsequent courses and presentations will provide in depth assessment, study, and tools regarding End of Life Medical Decision Making, Health Care Patients’ Rights, the Health Care Provider-Patient Relationship, Issues at the Beginning of Life, Health Care Mandates & Religious Liberty, Technological Reproduction & Cloning, Stem Cell Research & Treatment, Clinical Research & Institutional Review Boards, Religious Liberty Advocacy, and much more.

Liberty Institute for Faith & Ethics will offer its online readers a variety of free and engaging courses. Sample Lesson One of Bioethics & Law 101 here, and contact us here afterward for a password to the limited access portion of our site, which will contain future lesson notes and resources to be released on a regular basis.