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The Saint John Paul II Journal of Bioethics is published by the Saint John Paul II Bioethics Center, a project of the Liberty Institute for Faith & Ethics. The Center was founded by Rev. Francis J. Lescoe, Msgr. David Q. Liptak, and Leo Duffy, M.D., who brought together the three disciplines of philosophy, theology, and medicine, which they represented. Their purpose was to search for answers to disquieting questions emerging from the development of technology and modern science. It was a direct response to the call of Saint John Paul the Great in 1979 to address the implications of humanity’s accelerating mastery over creation, even as its progress in science exceeded its grasp of the ethical and moral implications of its handiwork. The publication of the Journal was made possible by the pioneering vision of the founders and recalls the passage of John 4:37: “For here the saying is verified that ‘One sows and another reaps.’ ”  

The journal draws its inspiration and topical focus from the writings of Saint John Paul II. Each issue collects articles, essays, and cultural expression keyed to a thematic element drawn from one or more works of Karol Wojtyla that develop the intersection of technology, health care, morals, ethics, and culture. The sources are rich and include the late Pope’s pre-pontifical writing, his pontifical corpus, and his remarkable composition of prayers. The entire collection of his writings as Roman pontiff are included on the Vatican web page dedicated to his pontificate. Additional lists have been conveniently assembled by EWTN and are easily accessed:

The Journal invites submissions for future volumes. Topics allow for free ranging selection from the entirety of the corpus of the Saint’s writings. Submissions must develop the relationship of some portion of the selected text from John Paul’s writings to the underlying mission of the Bioethics Center – the relationship between the development of technology, health care, morals, ethics, and culture.  Articles, essays, and cultural expression in the multiplicity of media (including poetry, short stories, visual arts, music, and song are but some suggestions) are welcome.

All submissions are subject to editorial suggestion and any written submissions selected for publication must assign copyright or an exclusive right to publish to the Liberty Institute fro Faith & Ethics, Inc. In the case of artwork, musical composition and performance, and similar cultural expression, a more limited assignment of the right to publish the work in the journal may be accepted.

Written submissions should be in Times New Roman font with the main text double spaced in 12-point font. Footnotes should be single spaced in 10-point font. Both the main text and footnotes should have justified margins. Artwork must be submitted in a digital format readable by standard Microsoft and Apple software. Music must be submitted in MP3 digital format. Video and audio-visual works may be submitted in any digital format that plays on standard Microsoft Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime Player. 

All submissions are deliverable via electronic mail to Rev. Deacon Thomas J. Davis, Jr. Contact him here. In rare cases where electronic submission is not possible, authors should contact the editor to make alternative arrangements.

Volume 1 (2018)