The Documented Truth: The Heroic Virtue of Pope Pius XII (2014) 

St. John Paul II Bioethics Lecture Series

Gary Krupp

Media coverage of this lecture here.

Pope Pius XII’s prophetic warnings to Church hierarchy about National Socialism (Nazism), even before 1920, before he rose to a position of power, and those he delivered in the 1950s on medical-moral topics, all speak to the mission of the Pope John Paul II Bioethics Center, which is the protection of human life.

After conducting a decade of research through his Pave the Way Foundation, Mr. Krupp delivered a lecture which dispelled what he called serious misconceptions about Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, and revealed the details of his research into what he considers a deliberate and sustained campaign to assassinate the Pope’s character and papacy. 

Left to right: Rev. Douglas Mosey (Holy Apostles College & Seminary), Gary Krupp, Meredith Krupp, Deacon Thomas Davis

Documentary support for Mr. Krupp’s conclusions is presented in this video.

Mr. Krupp discusses the work of his Pave the Way Foundation here and here.

St. John Paul II Bioethics Lecture Series