Ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? 

Ever get that feeling of Déjà vu? 

Emergency contraception (EC) advocates foisted a fraud on the public in the 2000s with an aggressive campaign of misinformation and cherry picked science. Now they’re back with reports that EC is flying off store shelves following the adoption of life affirming human rights legislation in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, and a handful of states.

Advocates denied the abortifacient potential in the heated legislative and policy debates in the 2000s in states around the country. Even usually reliable pro-life “experts” were duped by what turned out to be superficial analysis of available data. It was all about the supposedly “extraordinarily rare” potential that EC may not prevent ovulation which could lead to fertilization and subsequent embryocide.   

But it was a sleight of hand. Irrefutable finding in 2010 conclusively demonstrated that in the vast majority of cases Plan B does not suppress ovulation when administered in the fertile window. It’s all explained here.

In 2013 leading EC researchers finally acknowledged that Plan B is no more effective at preventing ovulation when administered in the fertile window than placebo! 

It is essential to understand the significance of fertile window in this context.  “[T]here are 6 days of the menstrual cycle when intercourse can produce pregnancy (the 5 days before ovulation and the day of ovulation itself).” Sex outside the fertile window cannot result in pregnancy. 

But when Plan B is administered following fertile window sex the ovulation rate – once claimed to be tiny – exceeds 80%, yet studies demonstrate a dramatic reduction in the expected clinical pregnancies (i.e. implantation).  That can only mean that its primarily mechanism of action is post-ovulatory. And that changes everything. All other pre-ovulatory MOAs combined can only account for a small fraction of efficacy of Plan B

That leaves the stunning realization that we have long been played by advocates who assure us that Plan B is not an abortifacient. In fact, they don’t know what the primary MOA of Plan B is. But we all know that the likelihood of a post-fertilization MOA, and thus embryocide, cannot be ruled out. Some researchers and medical experts assert that MOA is likely or proven. What is certain is that that there is no moral certitude as to the MOA of Plan B, it is certainly preventing pregnancy after ovulation, and its use is at least a conditional acceptance of embryocide. 

The Great Plan B Deception … lives. Stick with L.I.F.E. and learn the truth.