Some stories need no embellishment. Here are two real life accounts of how a hustle called gender theory is claiming victims … and how some are fighting back. 

Non-Binary Machinations

James Shupe, a former transgender activist and America’s first legally declared non-binary gendered person, exposes the sinister manipulation being foisted on emotionally fragile individuals. A politicized alliance of academics, jurists, and health care mavericks are driving this train, aided by a gullible media entranced by the canard. His story, told in A New Life After Gender Despair is must reading. It follows his earlier account in which he revealed that his self-destructive status as standard bearer for gender theory gone wild was “a medical and scientific fraud.”

They Run to Win

In Connecticut, three brave young women are standing up to the transgender rollercoaster and demanding fair opportunity to compete in women’s sports without men masquerading as women robbing them of their hard earned civil rights. 

Selina Soule, Alanna Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell are true champions, excelling and winning in elite sprinting events. But when the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) decided to allow male athletes who identify as female to compete in high school girls track and field events, these as girls found themselves denied victories and opportunities they had worked hard to secure. Their story should be an alarm waking anyone concerned about equality, civil rights, fairness, and truth. 

Represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, they have decided to fight back. Last week they filed suit in United Sates District Court challenging CIAC’s anti-science ideology. Their complaint is an eye popping page-turner, detailing the devastating consequences of politically driven sex discrimination. 

Woke? Who’s Woke? 

Transgender ideology harms children. Permanently. While some states have hopped on the bandwagon, others are applying the brakes to protect children from life long harms. South Dakota is leading the way. Read it all and recognize that the the front lines are just outside your door. 

LIFE’s resources address gender theory the issues and provide the scientific and fact based data to engage the issue: